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NEDDHome is driven by a mission to change the way a world of consumers experience energy. And the way the energy world experiences consumers.

NEDD: Home (the Nexus of Energy, Data, and Design) is the first-of-its-kind business ecosystem for the energy industry. NEDD: Home is a platform that synchronizes business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) strategies, with NEDD: IQ connecting the two. NEDD: Home brings products, solutions, technologies, and customers together to connect the right solutions to the right customers using proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and real-time device level home usage data. NEDD: Home enables the creation of new value streams through this new marketplace for businesses and consumers on its platform with a frictionless exchange of optimized solutions. NEDD: Home‘s focus is to enable the energy sector to move beyond current climate change mitigation efforts (e.g., reducing emissions through clean energy sources, better batteries, electric vehicles, and efficiency programs) to a greater demand-side adoption of sustainable solutions & services for consumers through our ClimateStyleTM initiative.


NEDD: Home creates a new knowledgebased ecosystem that facilitates the evolution of collaboration.

NEDD: Home coordinates access to unorganized markets.

NEDD: Home estimates that the unscaled, siloed energy solutions in the residential energy sector represent a $624 Billion revenue opportunity. However, on average, only 8% of the 128 Million U.S. homes have adopted or installed some sort of energy solution or technology. This low current adoption is driven by the fragmented, overlapping, and uncoordinated solutions being communicated in a way that is hard for consumers to sort out or embrace.

NEDD: Home’s ClimateStyleTM initiative of personalized services for consumers, along with a new relationship to energy, brings all of these solutions together in a coordinated online network…seamlessly. NEDD: Home‘s platform is a simple, customized relationship with the consumer that optimizes speed, convenience, efficiency, and cost.

NEDD: Home facilitates new, smarter business strategies.

The brain of our platform is NEDD: IQ – a continuous, real-time technology. Services & solutions can be developed, coordinated, and delivered in ways that eliminate traditional economic inefficiencies in costs to acquire and retain customers. Functions that were historically locked into vertically integrated structures or rigid supply chains are more effectively coordinated through NEDD: Home. A powerful advantage of this network coordination and data intelligence is clearer and more effective business strategies.To attain this advantage, we will be introducing NEDD: Home’s Market Echo TestingTM which will allow companies to test products and strategies with customers at greater scale.

NEDD: Home enables smart businesses to scale.

NEDD: Home’s vast network of companies and consumers is curated to align technology & solution innovations to convenience, time & cost savings with NEDD: Home’s ClimateStyleTM TM initiatives driving the value-building impact of network effects.

NEDD: Home is your new digital smart channel.

The channels and intermediaries used today to target, acquire, and retain customers often rely on manual efforts and instincts, which create obstacles for company growth and consumer value. In traditional pipeline channels, companies pay to develop push strategies designed to bring customers into your company’s orbit.

Through NEDD: IQ and NEDD: Home’s Market Echo Testing, digital feedback creates continuous insights from our data. For consumers, the result is optimizing cost, time, and resources. For companies, NEDD: Home’s online platform creates a smart reach by enabling rethinking of non-scalable, expensive, and inefficient channels replaced with intelligent online automated tools and systems.


NEDD’s founders started by asking: What do people need from energy that they arent getting today? Then they started The NEDD Group.

Fueled by a legacy of industry knowledge and foresight, NEDD’s founding team brings long-view vision, on-the-ground expertise, and a change agent approach to designing the intelligence tools, platform, and ecosystem for today. And tomorrow.

Soner Kanlier

Soner Kanlier

Co-Founder & CEO

Soner Kanlier is a Boston-based entrepreneur at the forefront of rethinking how energy companies can leverage technology and business model innovations to empower consumers, proactively transform a confluence of developments into actionable energy market strategies, and enhance returns for investors.

    Over his 20 years in management consulting, Soner has:
  • Advised and assessed over 35 merger & acquisition and joint venture deals
  • Developed and led the industry-defining Energy Executive Forum of over 500 executives annually (2012 – 2017)
  • Developed annual scenario insights to align business model innovations to market developments
  • Built a network of over 10,000 executives across all facets of the financial, energy, and products/services value chains

The insights Soner gained led to his formulation of NEDD in 2018 to develop unrealized benefits, new value streams, and more efficient economics for the new energy value chain.

Soner was Vice President of the Competitive Energy Management Consulting practice at DNV GL (formerly KEMA) from 2012–2017, leading strategic advisory services for a portfolio of the largest energy providers in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK deregulated energy markets and a portfolio of green growth distributed energy businesses serving solar, EV, and energy efficiency markets.

Kristie Deiuliis

Kristie Deiuliis

Co-Founder & COO

Kristie is a strategic leader focused on sales and operations productivity, process discipline, and technology enablement. Kristie has demonstrated expertise in converting strategy into operational success through her extraordinary ability to dig deep on a wide range of issues and bring data-driven innovation to solutions.

    Over her 25 years in management consulting, Kristie has:
  • Advised and assessed over 20 merger, acquisition, and joint venture deals
  • Developed and led the execution of innovative regulatory and legislative insights
  • Developed and executed 5-year energy market forecasts with 90% accuracy, connected these forecasts to market entry and product launch strategies
  • Built a broad and deep network of 5,000 executives in the wholesale, utility, competitive retail, distributed energy, and products/services sectors

Previously the Vice President of Energy Markets at DNV GL (formerly KEMA), Kristie led the development of forward-looking strategic assessments and provided financial and tactical consulting in the competitive retail energy, utility energy efficiency, and wholesale market practices for global retailers, wholesale operators, utilities, and technology providers.


Scientists who study networks call the shift from pipelines to platforms explosive percolation.” This means an instant shift in the nature of a system as it passes a threshold level of connectivity.

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